Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Yesterday I didn't do much else than refining the edges of the clay leaves I cut out last week. I was terribly slow sanding and carving the outlines and just couldn't stop until I was pleased with the result and the swing of the lines looked quite alright and everything felt smooth to the touch. I guess it's not visible in the photo how much time I spent on this.

In the last couple of minutes of the class I made some glaze and glass tests and ran out of time to finish them. Today I'm feeling awful and I'm under the weather. The chilly cold makes all my bones ache and I feel like I need to sleep for a week. To cheer myself up here are pictures of my pottery in use.

My mother's birthday flowers in a vase I made.

Very yummy king boletes I found on the lawn behind the building I live in. All the other sorts of mushrooms growing there (There are also some really huge ones, but I don't know if they're edible.) have been run over by a lawnmower today. In my opinion these incredibly annoying machines are one of the most stupid inventions ever made. Why burn fuel and make such a horrible noise for hours just to cut some grass?

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