Saturday, 27 September 2008

The "Eleanor" Plate

Remember when I stencilled this plate? It was inspired by Eleanor Hendriks' snowflake tutorial and I'm very happy how this turned out. The pattern doesn't look as smeared as I assumed and the contrast of the colours works so well.

The dark parts are a bit streaky, so I guess the slip should be prepared less diluted when I try this again and I'm itching to give it another try!


Studio√ČLAN said...

You should be very happy with this result! It looks great! (I'd never have put my first attempt up on the web for all the world to see!!)

About the streakiness -I get that a bit too, but I choose a glaze that emphasizes the uneveness -and call it added snowy effect to go with the snowflake theme :)


Splinter said...

Thank you, Eleanor! I love the look of your snowflakes!
I'm rather ruthless with myself (or with the rest of the world) and show all my first attempts. ;o)
The streakiness gave me the idea to use it deliberately, as it could be a nice effect when painting flowers and petals with slip. (Oh, I need more time to try all the stuff I have in mind!)