Thursday, 24 April 2008

Claytime again

This week my pottery class took place again! My tiny experimental pierced plate is finished and I think it looks fabulous!

I'm absolutely happy with it! It turned out much better than I expected. All the decoration is still visible, even the small dots. A lot of the piercings filled with glaze (I love the colour.) and they shine greenish now when the light falls through. I want to try something like that with a bigger item, I have to!

My cobblestone bowl went missing but as it was glazed later than the plate it most probably was still in the kiln two days ago, so I hope it shows up next week. The bowl I made two weeks ago dried meanwhile and is ready now for the first firing.

My lace vase was bisque fired already and glazed this time. I chose the same green that adorns my pierced plate.
In the picture you can see the vase before and after it was dipped into the glaze.

I made a bigger vase (Or a pot? A jar? Well, it's a vessel.) this week. I needed some help by my teacher to roll the clay flat with a rolling-pin, then I cut out a big rectangle and fitted this wobbly stubborn sheet around one of those round boxes (wrapped in an old newspaper, so it comes off the clay easily) you can see in the background of the photo. When I attached the bottom the whole thing got a bit wonky but I don't mind. After that followed the best part: impressing decorations. This is so much fun! I wish I could do this every day.


Tiffy Koenigshaus said...

Wow! These bowls, vases and vessels are absolutely beautiful. The decoration on the giant pot looks a bit 70-ish. I like that. It reminds me of the traces of raindrops in a puddle. I have been bothering people with my theories about these patterns lately. They are perfectly symmetrical and so abstract that they seem to be designed for our age but in fact they have been around forever and mankind has seen these mathematical wonders since the very beginning. I doubt my nonsensical pseudo-philosophy is of any inspiration for you, but I just wanted to share this thought with you. ;)

Splinter said...

You're the best!
(I took a lot of pictures lately of the ripples raindrops leave on the surface of water. It's very inspiring and so are your thoughts!)