Thursday, 29 May 2008

A Rooster

The secret surprise I worked on last week is still in one piece so far and ready for the kiln. I hope for the best! My big vase is finished now. The pattern came out really subtle. It's the same wonderful greenish-grey glaze I used before. It always looks a bit different.

I mentioned before how impressed I am by the animal figurines my claymate, who sits next to me, makes. Sculpting funny animals like frogs (Those are extremely popular!), cats, owls and bunnies probably is what is done most often in class. I never felt like making one myself though. But now the time has come to try it! I wanted to know if I can sculpt.

This rooster I really like, made by the lady, gave me some inspiration and she said I should make one as well. Because I didn't want to make exactly the same, I spent many a thought musing how a cock made by me should look like. I realised I want it to be more ornamental and folkloric and less funny. (I think it's a nice coincidence that the first animal I made with polymer clay in Millefiori style was a cockerel too.) So, here's my first try ever in sculpting:

Shaping the body took ages. I did it very cautious with the least pressure possible but still my wrists hurt now like I had a box fight. I think it looks quite good for a first try, but my initial intention was to make the wings rather raised like a relief but I completely ran out of time to make all the intricate details I had in mind and so I just carved them. But I see in the picture that I did not do it as carefully as I wished. At least this time I wasn't the only one to stretch the class. It's odd how we feel, if this was school, we would get admonished for being too slow. One lady once said, when she smashed the project she worked on but wasn't satisfied with, I would have got the worst mark if this was school. It tells a lot about the restrictions we experience and internalise in school. We don't get rid of them.

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