Saturday, 6 September 2008

Against Cruelty

I have to catch up on blogging (and I finally took pictures of my finished pottery), but I'm not feeling very well, so it has to wait. For the moment here's a link for German readers of my blog to a perspicacious text by Roberto of ad sinistram (one of my favourite blogs) about the incessant and increasing defamation of the unemployed and poor as spongers and parasites. As I'm one of those people, that gets bullied by the inflammatory propaganda day by day, I can relate to every single word he writes and I can affirm that the propaganda works. It makes no difference that I'm in this situation because I'm disabled and ill. I'm accused of laziness since the first day. My rights are restricted and all these insults haunt me.


Katie's Clay Corner said...

I came across your blog tonight while I was looking for pinch pots, and have to tell you I love your pottery. I work with polymer clay....but have always wanted to work with a potter's wheel! I love how organtic your bowls are! And I really enjoyed looking at your polymer clay work as well! Thanks for taking the time to share your great pictures!

Splinter said...

Thank you very much, Katie! :o)
It makes me very happy to get such a positive reaction! It means a lot to me!