Sunday, 14 September 2008

Clay Leaves

Here's what I made last week at the pottery. (I know, I know, I'm behind posting pictures of my finished stuff, but I just couldn't find the time so far to sort my photos and my newest items still wait for their shooting.)

On my way to the studio I collected some leaves. I had to make do with the ones I found on the ground. All the big and perfect ones were out of reach. (Good for the trees!) As usual I had to ask for a helping hand to roll the clay and then I imprinted the leaves and cut them out, which is a very fiddly task. I've seen my fellow crafters make very pretty things this way, so I wanted to try this myself. The impression of the maple leaf should become a platter. That's why I let it dry in a mould.

Those clay leaves are really popular; just for themselves, as ornaments and pendants as well as on bowls and pots. Yesterday I went to a pottery market and saw them everywhere. Maybe they attract my attention because I just tried them myself.

Since our claymate Marion enjoys to make pottery so much she came round for a spell with two bottles of champagne and her husband to celebrate her 60th birthday with us. Isn't this just lovely? The glass of the bottles will surely be recycled in combination with our ceramics.

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