Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Skipping Class

I did not go this time because I just need a little break. It's the loveliest warm (almost too warm) weather at the moment, which is really good for my hands and spirits, very unlike the damp, grey, un-snowy, bone-aching stupid mess of a non-winter we had for months. So I'm doing lots of things at the moment I couldn't do before but it's just too much.

I also started making polymer clay beads again and finally baked the bowl I made back in February. I received a very nice e-mail a few weeks ago about one of the bookmarks I made last year. I used some of my first and thus very flawed beads for that, so in my today's eyes it's not good at all, yet it brings joy to it's owner! It helps a lot to know that! My bead making skills are a lot better now, although I can only make a few at a time. I mainly used up bits and ends of old canes. They are all still soft and perfectly workable, even the ones I made a year ago.

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