Sunday, 4 May 2008

The Balcony Gardening Season Begins

First of all here are pictures of my newest creations! This is my so called cobblestone bowl:

This pictures illustrates why it has that name:

Doesn't it look like chocolate? So delicious! Unfortunately this is the last item that was glazed with this gorgeous colour. I'd like to use it more often but this glaze is not in everyday use at the pottery and my bowl was bathed in the last drops that were left from the glazing of Easter bunnies.

This is my lace vase with its tail or fin. Meanwhile I really do like it!

My tomatoes finally are out on the balcony now! There was very sunny and warm weather for days but as soon as I had them outside a heavy shower of rain came down. That's how tall the biggest ones already are:

My father built me a lattice so they can grow without falling over (as they did last year when it was stormy).
Finally here's a picture of my little tree. It has some graphic qualities I find very inspiring.

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