Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Spring in Winter

I have to catch up on blogging some little crafting I did.
Last Friday finally was my first polymer clay day of the year. I find it always very hard to start again after a long break, because it always feels like starting from scratch again. Everything feels so difficult. My hands have to learn everything anew and there seems to be no developed routine I can build up on. I hate that! I used old canes to decorate a bowl, but I'm not too happy with it. Here's a picture of work in progress.

It looks like spring is coming already but I miss a proper wintertime, when everythings seems to be enchanted by glistening snow and the bright whiteness of it lifts the mood. Three snowy days in three months make no winter at all. There are so many grey days.

On January 22nd I was sowing tomatoes. (Is this too early?) The same sorts as last year. Eleven days later the first one started to sprout and the next day the second one. It's so nice to see them grow! Yesterday and a few days before also my cherry tomatoes sprouted. I hope they grow as fantastic as last year.

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