Wednesday, 21 May 2008


I was back at the pottery this week, but I won't show you photos yet, because I'm working on a secret project! (Now that I told it, it's only half a secret.) It's not a bowl and it involves a stencil I made (which I pondered about for weeks) and it's quite likely to fail because it is very fragile or might crack. (I was inspired by prototypes in the pottery and they all cracked.) So far I'm very satisfied with it though and I was told by several people that it looks very fine, so maybe it really does. I felt extremely good when I went home. I was able to get rid of the worst anger and stress I'm in. (Hopefully it lasts for a while.) Very often I feel in the mood for a rant like this:

[From Huffington Post.]
Watch it! This is brilliant (and so necessary)!

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