Thursday, 8 May 2008


The new classes began, so there were many new faces (and finally a brave man among the clayers!) and one familiar face as the lady, who always sits next to me, decided to continue as well. She's really good at making animal figurines, maybe someday I should try that too, although I think I completely lack the talent and also some nice ideas for that. I felt like making bowls again, because I just love to make them and because I wanted to try some new tools and things for making textures. Lately I ponder about everything that comes to my hands what kind of indentation it would leave in clay.

I was very unconcentrated this time, with my thoughts elsewhere and too much in a hurry as we had to finish on time and usually I'm so slow. I started with a mould again, a very small one, but my impressions, which I intented to apply orbital became quite wonky.

I worked so fast though that I had enough time to make another small bowl with an equally wonky pattern. I used a clove for this one.

Last week's pierced bowl is ready for the kiln now, but I totally forgot my big vase. I didn't see it but surely it was in the shelves impatiently waiting for me, while I didn't spend a thought on it.

My finished little button only just escaped this destiny because one of the tools I used reminded me of it.

My finished bowl was quite round after bisque firing but now after glaze firing it's a bit distorted and reminds me very much of the creepy shape of a skullpan. The pattern came out very nice though.


Tiffy Koenigshaus said...

Wow, I love the colours! Who decides which glaze is applied?
Stones see to be a recurring theme in my posts: I do recognise pieces from the Southwest when I see them. ;)

Splinter said...

I knew you would recognise the stones! :o)
I decide which glaze is applied, but the range of colours from which to choose is very limited as potters seem to have the habit to stick to only a few typical colours that make their pieces recognisable and some of them aren't exactly "my" colours. So far I'm very satisfied with the results of dark clay combined with this greenish-grey glaze and white clay combined with transparent green. Maybe I should make some small test pieces using all available colours to see how they bring out textures and contours.