Thursday, 1 May 2008

Some thoughts

Today was the last time my classes took place, but I will continue without a break as of next week despite all the trouble it causes to my hands. My mother said to me she never sees me as glad and happy as I am after a class and she's right. The opportunity to do something I really truly love without any restrictions and without pressure (and I feel a very deep and strong urge to be creative this way) outweighs the pain and complications although they are sometimes quite severe and very discouraging. I've thought a lot about that. To others this is just a hobby, an activity to relax after a busy day, while my whole week is organized around it and physically this isn't easy at all for me. So my desire seems to be very much out of proportion and I don't know if anyone can understand why I go on this way. (Why do I have the terrible feeling I have to vindicate and defend my decision?)

Last week's vase dried but it is still quite heavy. My cobblestone bowl reappeared and was indeed still in the kiln last time. The lace vase is also finished. Both turned out very pretty in my opinion, but so far I found no time to take proper pictures, but I'll show you soon! The bowl with dotted impressions I made two weeks ago was fired as well as my button. Both will get their glazing when the kiln is ready for glaze firing. I sticked to the colours I succesfully used so far: the greenish grey and transparent green.

This week's 90 minutes creation is a pierced bowl. (I told you, I wanted to try something like that! And I want to try more!) It started in a mould, then I took it out, stretched and roughened the rim and pierced the poor thing from outside to inside. The holes are very small though, so I don't know how many of them will stay holes in the end.


Tiffy Koenigshaus said...

As usual I'm not only amazed by your skill and love for detail, but equally by your beautiful ideas. Gosh, why is creativity and health so unequally distributed in some families? I was in Weymouth today (and collected shedloads of stones I need to show you). I was absolutely speechless when faced with the beauty of the place and the unbelievable atmosphere of the stone coast. I carried my drawing pad all the way, thinking of you and how much you'd appreciate me being a bit creative, using my healthy but clumsy hands. But, alas, all I was able to do was taking a couple of pictures with my camera.

Weymouth I
Weymouth II
Weymouth III

Miss you! Tiff

Splinter said...

Thank you so much, my dearest!!! I'm speechless at the kindness of your comment!
Your pictures are amazing and so beautifully taken (and you know I consider taking photos a creative task as well)!
I miss you too!