Sunday, 31 August 2008

Harvest Time

This week I was still knocked out by the pinching and carving of my three little bowls (How sad is that?!) and the wet and cool weather didn't help either. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by melancholy. I'm reminded of the damp, frustrating months of last winter and how miserable I felt in my pains. So I tried to recover and to relax, skipped my class (and still don't know how the glassy stuff turned out), did no crafting at all, but got a lot of inspiration by nature.

Today there was bright sunshine, yet it's very autumnal, also on my balcony. I plucked the little pumpkin because there was no green leaf left on the plant. I love those stripes. Even my green glazed pottery matches them perfectly and looks so natural.

I also harvested the sunflower. The seeds make such a beautiful hypnotic pattern I don't like to destroy.

This is my new heather. (It sits in one of those folded pots, that I like so much and take as an example to try myself.) I've killed my old one by excessive watering. I'm so used to give my tomatoes and peppers a proper amount of water, that I didn't realise that I drown the poor heather. I hope it can recover, but it looks very bad.

The heathers in the woods are blooming as well. (Is there a better smell than the smell of mossy forests?) I was out collecting mushrooms and found 1.110 grams of chanterelles, yellow boletuses and bay boletes (Those English names sound weird. I just had to look them up. It's Pfifferling, Steinpilz and Marone in German.) They made a great meal! They not only taste good, they also look good. Look at those gills!

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