Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

Last week was frustrating concerning clay. I made a plant pot and used the ball technique, which makes the surface of the object look like cobblestone, but the pot dried too fast due to the hot weather and had a major crack in the next morning and some smaller ones as well. Next time I should cover it with a plastic sheet, so it can dry slowly and evenly. I did not try to repair the cracks. I destroyed the pot (which made me feel like a criminal) and put the shards into water so the clay can become soft again. When I did this, it smelled like the cellar of an old building.

So, it's time for a current view on my balcony. My largest tomato plants reached the ceiling already some weeks ago and my sunflower moved from one end to the other. It grew so high, it couldn't resist the rain storms anymore on this windy corner I'm living at. It's fastened to the lattice on the wall now.

My bell peppers grow unexpectedly well and some of them turned red. I prefer them green though.

This is the last of my climbers I still don't know the name of. The blossoms look like they're painted with a brush, don't they? It doesn't climb or twine at all actually. If I wouldn't wind it around a string it would just grow and fall over. The shape of the blossoms is quite similar to the Morning Glories but much smaller and it's blooming longer. Does anyone know what kind of plant this is?

This is a Morning Glory staring into the summer sky. They suffered badly in the heatwave of the past weeks. Every day up to fifty of their leaves fall off, burnt by the scorching sun.

This is the blossom of a nasturtium. I expected an orange coloured one but I like this subtle yellow a lot.

Finally this is what my pumpkin looks like at the moment. It has the size and shape of a pear and gets stripy.

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