Friday, 22 August 2008

Using Glass

I wasn't able to work with clay in this week's class because my hands ache way too much. So I sanded the rim of the lotus bowl I made last week and the folded pot got a coat of glaze (It's incredibly lightweight. I wasn't aware that I streched the clay that thin.) and painted the snail plate with manganese dioxide.

The spiral plate was also bisque fired. It's the first of my creations that suffered damage during firing. Two small pieces chipped from the bottom of the plate. Nevertheless I tried something new with it this time. I was inspired by extraordinarily beautiful items which combine clay and glass, that I spotted browsing the internet and pottery markets. Amazed by those gorgeous objects I feel the very deep desire to try this myself. I just have to! My dear potter Birgit has no objections and said this should work in her kiln, so I filled the spiral plate with shards of green glass.

Maybe I should have started in a smaller scale and with less glass. I have some concerns that the tensions between the glass and the spirally walls might be too strong and crack the plate or that the glass might boil over or something. I'm very courious how it's going to turn out!

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