Wednesday, 4 June 2008

My Green Oasis

I haven't bored you with my balcony gardening for a while, so here we go!

Compare this picture to the one I took a month ago! My tomato plants grew enormously since then! I bet you are glad now that I spared you all the stages inbetween, haha! But, really, I feel sort of proud of my dears and can totally understand why Prince Charles likes to talk to his plants, (if the rumours are true). In the picture are five plants of three sorts of tomatoes and you can even spot some radish and on the right you can see a bit of one of my three pea ships. (I love fresh peas!) Here's a closer look on sailer number three that makes it quite clear why I gave them that name.

Pea ship number two is in the middle of this view from inside of my room. In the background are twiners and climbers. The one to which most of the leaves belong surprises me every day. It is sprouting new tentacles all the time. I've counted more than twenty so far. I have no idea what this plant is called. It was along with the others in a seedbag my mother gave me and that did only state there are seeds of twiners inside but not which ones exactly. I sorted them and gave them numbers (This is no. 4) so I'll know later what kind of plant belongs to each of the seeds. On the left are my other two tomatoes. Here's a view from another perspective:

They won't grow much taller than this. In the right corner grows a sunflower.
Remember when I showed you my first tomato of the year? Do you want to know what it looks like now? (Don't say no!)

It's the one that blushed in front of my camera. Now that you saw my tomato you surely want to know how my bell pepper is doing!

It's doing very fine and got siblings now!
It's very hot weather and the air smells of the finest summery scents but it is very fatigueing also. I feel a lot like the cat that lives in my neighbourhood and tries too cool down by lying flat on stones in the shadow. Sometimes I can barely keep my eyes open.

(Waiting for my latest pottery adventures? I'll write about them very soon.)

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Tiffy Koenigshaus said...

The Prince of Wales is so fond of gardening, he has even written a book about it:
what a man...

I'm as well growing fond of cats these days. I've spend the weekend stroking the cat, my friend's mother has stolen from their neighbours.