Thursday, 5 June 2008

Amazing Glaze

When I came to the pottery this time three finished bowls awaited me!

I especially love my pierced bowl. The holes are like little green windows and I like the overall look of it.

One of my claymates said, she admires the things I do and even for this bowl alone would accept me immediately as her daughter-in-law! I never received a compliment like this before. Feels quite strange but flattering. The others don't offer me a place in their families but I'm getting quite a lot of positive feedback when they look at my pieces and I'm very glad about it but I never know what to say!

Here's the bowl with indentations of cloves at the bottom.

I like this transparent green glaze very much! It has such a nice fine crackle and gives depth to the pattern.

This bowl was made the same day when I tried out new tools to mark the clay but most of the impressions are drowned in glaze and not visible anymore. It's a pity and it looks a bit ugly at first sight but a closer look reveals its beauty. I'm fascinated and amazed by the patterns and reactions the thick glaze left when it flooded the dents. This is so gorgeous!

I'm growing more and more fond of the unintended wonkiness of this bowl. It looks rather organic, very natural and it fits perfectly into my hand.

I didn't start anything new this time. I was fully stretched working on my secret surprise. It survived drying and bisque firing without complications, but perhaps I messed it up now, using a technique I never tried before. I guess the result will look a bit different from what I had in mind, but nevertheless I hope it will look good. Well, I'll see next time.

I also proceeded with the work on my rooster. It was bone-dry now and I spent a lot of time refining the carvings I made in a hurry last time. Scratching the dry and extremely fragile clay leisurely with a sharp tool taking care not to break off the beak, comb or the tail of my bird was not an easy thing to do. I feel another forced break coming. I guess there aren't a lot of changes visible in the photo but to me it looks a lot neater now.

p.s.: I plucked my first tomato today (but I feel bad to eat it right away, so it's lying in the wonky bowl now)!

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