Thursday, 12 June 2008


*In the Sauna

Where do I go, living in an area, that is hit by a proper heatwave (It's a bit cooler now, but still no rain in sight.) which replaces the fine scents of summer with the smell of forest fires much too often, feeling sleepy and drowsy all the time? Right, I went straight to a studio that has two massive kilns firing. Sweat was streaming down my body, I still felt dehydrated the next morning.

I tried to make a cachepot this time. I bought a flowerpot lately because I want to repot a plant but then I thought, before I do this I can use it as a form. I prepared a paper stencil of the sides of the pot so I was able to cut the shapes easily from slabs of clay without measuring too much. When everything was cut I wrapped the stencil around the pot as some sort of releasing agent between pot and clay so the clay won't stick. This worked quite well, I just needed help to roll the clay flat. First I tried to do this myself, because I always feel stupid asking for help but I can't do this at all. My wrists complained vehemently, although I am not even able to build up enough pressure to flatten the clay even slightly. I hope the seams where the slabs meet are stable enough. The clay dried so fast in the heat, it might crack.

I decorated the pot all over with flowery indentations but not as carefully as I wanted to. I ran out of time again and felt exhausted. I guess some of the markings might not be deep enough to be clearly visible when the pot is finished.
My secret surprise and my rooster still waited to get fired in the kiln, so there's nothing new to tell.
I considered taking a break this time because my hands badly need one but next week the class is going to take place the last time before summer break (I feel really sad about this.) and I want to hold out until then.

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