Monday, 30 March 2009

A Rocky Pot

Last week I made a small sculpted pot at home (and skipped the class for a birthday party). The surface of my pot is inspired by geological formations like you can see them in pictures here and here. They are truly fascinating! The design is also an advanced version of the sculpted vase I made some months ago and that I like very much. It's done in a bigger scale this time and in dark clay.

I still haven't taken proper pictures of this old vase as well as of all the other finished pieces of the last months due to bad light, bad health, bad mood and bad photography skills. I hope to get this done quite soon though. For a start you can sneak a peek above on my new blog header.


Tiffy said...

The combination of these shapes and your preferred colours of glass make me think of Pamukkale. In fact so does your header. Not that I've been there, but it might inspire some more nature induced art.

Splinter said...

I had to look up what Pamukkale is and what I found looks fabulous! It's very inspiring indeed. I really like things like that! Thank you very much!