Friday, 6 March 2009

Paper Beads

Here's another crafty task that can be done in bed. This time the idea is inspired by jessprkle and all the pictures of her beautiful paper beads. I wanted to try and make these since I saw them for the first time. I also found a tutorial but never got around to try it out until now.

It's a bit fiddly but quite easily done, although not exactly hand-friendly. I ripped up an old Intro magazine and started with beads that are 3 cm long (the yellow and the mainly black and white ones in the picture).

The beads of my second batch (the green ones) are 1 cm longer and were a bit easier to roll up. Then my hands said that's enough for today but this is definately something I'd try again.

I like how this technique produces beads of certain colour schemes while no two beads look exactly the same.

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