Monday, 16 March 2009

Mud Wrestling

Yesterday I've wheel-thrown a piece for the first time! People could visit the pottery studio, look at everything, ask questions, mess around with clay and so on. As you could also get your hands on the potter's wheel I thought I should give it a try and test the stability of my wrists. Everything was prepared and demonstrated and I got an overall so I won't get my clothes dirty. My first try started quite good but I ended up with two parts, one in my hands and the other still on the wheel. My second try produced this low bowl (You see, I always end up with a bowl.) and I left it like this so I won't mess it up as well.

I became nervous during my third attempt, because people came to watch and it was hard enough to coordinate my actions without anyone looking. The almost vessel-like shape I made had a hole in the wall at the end. I didn't try it for a fourth time because my wrists proved to be not stable enough for more and the sides of my hands, which touched the rotating wheel were sore. I really admire everyone who can master wheel throwing and make it look so easy!

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