Friday, 4 April 2008

More Whining and a Bit of Happiness

My hands and arms still feel very bad, in fact they feel worse, but I don't want to neglect my blog because of that. I'm really sad though, that it is so obviously impossible for me to recover from the strain on my wrists within the seven days between my classes. I spent the first half of this week's class messing around with a lump of clay but I had to stop because of the pain. With the help of a dear fellow crafter I was able to make a little vase though.

She rolled the clay flat on the table with a rolling-pin, then we put an old piece of lace onto the clay and then she impressed the pattern of the lace by rolling over it with the brayer again. This results in a patterned sheet of clay. She made a little bowl this way. I cut my sheet with a knife, not knowing yet what to do with it, (Yeah, very clever!) but then I thought I should try and make a vase. The seam, where the ends of the sheet meet, is covered by one of the pieces I cut away before, so my vase has a little tail. I don't know yet, if I like it. It's very different to the stuff I made so far.

Here you can see the dried pieces of last week:
This is the bowl that looks a bit like cobblestone from the outside...

... and this is my tiny experimental pierced plate.

That's what the piercings look like from the outside.

I did not want to sand this away. I like this raw look and I'd like to know how this will look fired and glazed. Attentive readers of my blog will ask now: what happened to the bowl that was glazed last week? With great pride I can tell you it turned out great!!! (I'm so relieved it did!) I'm extremely happy with it. I'm touching and looking at it all the time, but I have to take some proper pictures of it before I can show you.

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