Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Making bowls makes happy

I promised to show you my glazed bowl, so I used what felt like the only ten sunny minutes of the past days to take a picture. Here it is:

I love this bowl so much! The contours of the pattern are highlighted so nicely by the glaze. (It didn't run into all of the dents and some aren't visible anymore at places where the glaze was applied a bit too thickly, but it doesn't matter.) I think it looks great and I feel really proud!

Yesterday I had my class again. Last week's dried items had been fired and were ready for glazing. I chose green glaze for my pierced plate. It was dipped when I was busy making new things, so I haven't seen it and don't know what it looked like before the glaze firing and I completely forgot that I wanted to take a photo of it. My cobblestone bowl should get a transparent brown glaze, that needs to be prepared first. So, I'm sorry, I have no pictures of it either. The vase I made last week was dry now and I sanded its sharp edges away, so it's ready for bisque firing. (I'm still not sure if I like it.)

There are tons of ideas floating around in my mind, that I should and would like to try, but somehow (and maybe because I'm so happy with my bowl) I feel very strongly drawn to try more in this style. I don't feel ready for other and bigger pieces yet, so I made a bowl in a mould again and impressed some abstract decoration. It's amazing how contented I feel doing this. (I wish I could do this more often.)
When I had some minutes left afterwards I made this button.

I felt so good and uplifted when I walked home. I was much more able to do what I want than in the past two weeks, although my arms are still in a very bad shape.

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