Friday, 28 March 2008


My hands hurt too much even before this week's class, so I felt quite uninspired and miserable and didn't really know what I could do, that wouldn't make it worse.

At first my bowl with indentations was glazed. This time I didn't do it myself, so if this ends up looking ugly, it's not my fault! My teacher dipped it with a swift and experienced movement into a bucket with glaze I chose. It should turn into a greyish green or greenish grey when it's fired. If you look closely you can see that some of the impressed marks aren't covered with glaze because they were filled with air bubbles when the bowl was dipped. I was told the glaze will run there during firing. I can't await to see how this one will turn out!

I was messing around with a small portion of clay and a mould because I couldn't knead at all. I ended up with this sort of mini plate. It's really tiny and quite thin. I pierced the rim and impressed a random pattern. I'd like to make something like that in a bigger style.

After that I tried a new technique, that reminded me of Millefiori. Small balls of clay are pressed into a mould and smoothed from the inside. This should make a pattern that looks like cobblestone at the outside. I'll see next time when it's dried and taken out of the mould if it really looks like that and then I will decide if I'll keep it. This technique is better suited for big pots than for a small and low bowl like mine.

Afterwards my fingers, hands, wrists, arms, my tendons, muscles and bones hurt even more. The cold and wet weather makes it even worse and a day after I was plagued by a headache from hell and now I have a sore throat. I feel bad. I'm tired.

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