Saturday, 2 May 2009

Secret Surprise Revealed - A Wedding Plate

Hiding these pictures as long as the plate was in the making made me almost forget to reveal my secret surprise. Better late than never.
I made a custom wedding plate for a Czech-American wedding and I was extremely excited and eager to make this (although I'm not a big fan of weddings or marriage and don't know the couple myself, that was going to marry).

The wedding plate for Emily & Lukáš with a carefully carved and etched briar rose

Added together I worked about 10 hours on this piece (kiln times not included) and I was a nervous wreck all the weeks it took me to make it. It was hard to finish it in time and once I even dropped the plate and almost broke it.

The bottom side with the dedication and the names of the givers of the gift

I wanted to make it very special and very romantic (but not in the cheesy glittery hearts kind of way) because this is a special day and love should last throughout the whole marriage. I'm very glad I already had my plate done before I did a Google search for "Wedding Plate" that brought up quite a tasteless collection that would have killed all my inspiration. Why do people try to be funny on a wedding plate in such an unfunny way? I rather stick to romance. May it last and may the marriage be a happy one!

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