Sunday, 10 May 2009

New Stuff made of Clay

I finally got my difficult hands dirty again and started with a pinchpot that ended up differently from what I had in mind, but so far I like it. Because I never can get enough of them, I also made another textured plate.

The little white fellow you can see in the picture is Moby-Dick, who suddenly appeared on my working table when I made the small vase in the picture below. It's a piece of scrap clay that in my eyes totally looks like a whale.

The vases have imprints of various wonderful leaves and grasses all over, that grow right now. Some petals still stick to the clay. (Want to see them take a bath?) I've always wanted to try this but didn't imagine it as so fiddly to make. It's quite impossible to mend messed up parts, so these have some little flaws here and there.

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