Sunday, 3 May 2009


I took lots and lots of pictures of my ceramic pieces in the past days and weeks, testing my patience by trying out different backgrounds, indirect light and direct light and a bit of photoshoppery. I'm never really satisfied with the results, but I can tell that I mostly prefer photos taken in bright direct sunlight, although all the professional tips and tricks I found on this subject in the world wide web advise the opposite to avoid hard shadows and reflections and such.

I find my pieces look much more vivid and lively though when they get a bit of sun and in many cases I don't mind shadows. Especially the items adorned with glass just crave for light. You can watch them come alive and sparkly in the sunshine.

For a start here are two small test pieces I made for the wedding plate, that didn't really come to use because time pressure demanded a decision before I could see how they turned out. I'm very happy with the combination of green and clear glaze I used for the wedding plate and how it turned out there and I'm quite glad I didn't see how pale it turned out in the test plate. The other version, a combination of oxides and clear glaze, looks way too dark for a wedding in my opinion.

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