Friday, 16 January 2009


The first class of this year took place a few days ago. I'm so out of routine that I forgot to take pictures and I continued messing things up by glazing this textured bowl and adding glass in another way than I originally intended. I mainly used fine grains of transparent and brown glass (I have not experimented much with this so far.) as well as some red beads that change their colour to almost black, but I'd like to know how they react with transparent. So let's see, what this will look like.

You can see in this bowl, that my claymates again refer to as oriental-looking, how red, orange and yellow burn away in the kiln. I guess they are fired too high to keep their colour, but I still like to use them. I can't experiment with temperature but maybe I get some other ideas.

The carved bowl I prepared with glass in the last class of 2008 came out quite disappointing. The petals melted really nice but the beads did not stay where they should. You'll get to see this (and more finished pieces) as soon as I get around to take some pictures.

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