Saturday, 5 July 2008

Blossoms on my Balcony

Not much babble today, just some botanic pictures from my balcony to enjoy. I can replace more of my climber's numbers by actual names now.

There's a second beautiful Morning Glory. It's pink and (so far) not growing as fast as the other one. They twined and winded around each other, so there are pink and purple blossoms close together, greeting me in the morning.

This picture makes me feel a bit dizzy, as this is a view from outside of my balcony, taken with an outstreched arm. The red blossoms you can spot in the middle are Sweet Peas (Wicken in German) and they remind me of "Mrs Dalloway" all the time.

I've also got some in a shade of deep violet, but they snapped during a thunderstorm two nights ago (and so did some branches of my tomatoes). Flowers with their heads down at weird angles are such a sad sight. I haven't cut them off so far. I tried to give them back some stability and hope they'll grow further despite the damage. They smell so good! Everything smells so nicely after a heavy summer rain. It's like the stinky smell of the town is washed away and a thousand earthy scents are floating through the air.

Another one of my climbers seems to be a pumpkin. I had no idea pumpkins are climbers! Well, the seed looked like a pumpkin seed and my mother says those are pumpkin blossoms, but it looks like I won't have a big yellow balloon hanging on the side of my balcony at halloween, as the blossoms just fall off. Seems like it needs at least two plants to grow some pumpkins.

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