Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Handmade and Homegrown

I went to the pottery to pick up my cachepot. I've got my rooster two weeks ago, but haven't taken photos yet, because my mother likes the proud bird so much, she instantly kept him. (I intend to take some pictures soon.)
But I did not only pick up my pot, I also took some clay with me and not only some clay, I also borrowed a mould! Woohoo! I can mess around at home now! (Although I don't know how to bring fragile dried items back to the pottery without breaking.) My feelings are divided though. My mind is excited but my wrists say: "You're stupid, stupid, stupid! Very stupid, that's what you are!" and then my mind, knowing that my tendons, muscles or both of them are burning like an igniter cord from my fingers to my elbow and up to my shoulder says: "The wrists are right! You ARE stupid!". So, let's see if I get anything done... Actually I planned to work with polymer clay, but it has to wait.

Today I harvested my first fresh and tasty green bell pepper! Look! They grow so well!

It feels good to take pictures of homegrown vegetables in bowls I made myself.

I wish I could also produce electricity by myself!

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