Monday, 24 March 2008

My aesthetically challenged Bowl

So, here it is with it's nasty unglazed gaps, looking smudgy and as if made by the dilettante I obviously am. As you can see, yes, the glaze indeed melted and run, but it did so in places where it shouldn't. I just hope my next attempts will show better results.

Here's a part that came out as I intended it to be. Nice, even, sharp
and unsmeared and the clay completely covered with glaze. It's the
proof, it can be done properly (even by me)!

I filled the bowl with some of the polymer clay beads I made so far to make it look less sad. At the moment I can't work with pc, because my wrists can't stand more than the class once a week and need a lot of rest in between. I hope the Fimo I have in stock doesn't harden until I can work with it again.

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