Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I'm in such a mood for crafting, but my hands are moaning all the time and say to me: "Don't you dare to force us to work with clay!" So at least at the moment I do how they wish. I was thinking about what to do, that will keep them quiet but give me some creative joy. A few days ago when I was walking around I saw a stack of felt in the shop window of a local craft shop. It made me think of the gorgeous things Lupin makes with felt, that I had seen on Flickr and I said to me, I should try something like that! So I went in and bought some sheets of felt and was very eager to give it a try. Let's see if I can do a little sewing! To stick a needle through a light fabric like felt shouldn't put too much pressure on my wrists. It took some time to draw a pattern that wasn't all wonky and again my inspiration was one of Lupin's beautiful designs, her lovely cherry blossom pin. This is Lupin's pretty Sakura:

She makes so adorable creations with felt! I especially like her oak leaf and her funny moustache disguises, you can buy in her Etsy Shop. She also writes a nice blog called Bugs and Fishes about her daily crafting.

This is what I stiched. I'm extremely pleased with the regularity of my stiches, because the hardest part was to hold the needle. My fingers are so easily exhausted and my tendons keep complaining. But it looks really neat, doesn't it? And it was fun to make!
If you, dear reader, have a nice idea, what kind of crafts put little or no pressure to moody wrists, don't hesitate to tell me!

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