Sunday, 13 January 2008

Hedwig Bollhagen

Yesterday I was in Potsdam to see an exhibition about Hedwig Bollhagen, who was a famous german ceramist. I was familiar with some of her designs and patterns, but never really saw them in person before. It makes a big difference to see the details, the actual size and shape of the pieces and to sense their immediate appeal. They gave me a lot of inspiration.

I would have liked to know more about her opinions and her attitudes but there wasn't much information about that, exept for a film in which she spoke herself that was shown on a monitor. But to hear the sound only three or four headphones were provided and you had to wait hours to get one of those. I did not have the patience. There was another film that needed no sound, that showed the process of painting a cup, a bowl and a small figure of Santa Claus. I watched it three times. I love to see crafting in real time! I never get bored to see hands skillfully and carefully creating beautiful things. I also saw a worker from her workshops, who was there only that day, painting a ceramic easter egg with a Bollhagen design.

Edit: I wrote more on this subject here.


Freshly painted bowls with famous designs.

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