Sunday, 1 August 2010

Balcony News

The exhausting heat was followed by a massive thunderstorm that played havoc with my plants and got me wet feet inside.

My tallest pepper plant was only half its size afterwards and actually there was no plant undamaged. Most of them recovered amazingly well though, but my tomato and bell pepper harvest will start a little later than expected. I overstrained my wrists cleaning up the mess and had to take a blogging and crafting break.

Pea time is over now. This is the rest of the lot.

I'm just tormenting myself with these pictures. The peas were so good! And they had no maggots and no aphids at all. I read that garlic helps to scare aphids away and so I placed some pots with garlic plants around the pots with the pea plants this year and it worked! (Garlic and peas don't like to be too close to each other, hence the seperate pots.)

Here's my morning glory in full bloom and a picture of how the blossoms look on the evening before. Every morning I'm greeted by so many flowers! The tomato plants are a lot taller by now. Here are some tomato blossoms.

Fruits are forming by now but none of them are ripe yet.

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Kačja pastirica said...

The weather over the past few years is really damaging. It's devastating to see all the efforts we made being destroyed in five minutes. But nature is stronger than man. I hope everything is going to be allright soon.