Sunday, 15 August 2010

The First Peppers

Here there are finally - the first peppers of this year's balcony season.

There are more to come! One of my plants didn't make it through the heatwave and the others suffered some damages during the big thunderstorm but there are some fine fruits growing! You can't eat them fresher than homegrown and they taste so good!

The tomatoes are ripening too finally. I've got only two plants this time, so I didn't expect them to be as numerous as in the last years but it seems like there will be a lot less to harvest this year. Many blossoms fell off unfertilised as there are so few bees this summer. Mostly bumblebees and hoverflies do the job now. The thunderstorm tore off a lot of the green tomatoes and damaged the plants and there aren't many fruits growing at the moment.

This is mint doing just fine, sporting some lovely blossoms that are very popular among insects.

These are tansy blossoms. There's something about them that I just love and it makes me happy to have them on the balcony.

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