Sunday, 2 May 2010

Plants on my Balcony

The sweet smell of spring is in the air and I'm gathering all kinds of plants on my balcony. Here are some of them.

My mother gave me horned pansies...

...and sedum. (There's some old lavender in the picture too.)

Last year she gave me this pot with funkias, that survived the winter outside. There also seems to grow mint or something and some garlic. Quite a lot for this little pot.

The lovely forget-me-nots are flowering right now and in the background you can see nasturtiums.

I also grow dill...


...and poppies from seeds.

I sowed a lot of peas, but there aren't many of them out yet.

I found this little plant with its roots uncovered when I took a walk at a freshly ploughed field, planted it in a pot and only 2 days later it blossomed like this. It's a veronica, I think.

I accidently snapped this tansy in an attempt to dig it out. (I really do like tansies.) Luckily it grew some roots when I put it in water, now it grows in a pot.

These vicias are also "weeds" I potted.

My pot of wild plants looks like this at the moment.

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Kačja pastirica said...

All those plants look so nice. I have some on my balcony, but they are not as pretty as yours.