Sunday, 30 May 2010

Eurovision Song Contest

Lena won and what should I say, it's absolutely deserved! It feels good to not feel embarrassed for a German participant (although the hype and its patriotic element is rather annoying). She enraptured not only Germany but (almost) all of Europe. She's cute and quirky and as it seems completely fearless and confident. (And it's nice to see all the male journalists having a crush on her trembling and sweating in excitement because usually the roles are reversed.)

Of my other big favourites only Serbia made it to the final. I can't resist a melody by Goran Bregović sung by someone with such an androgynous appearance like Milan Stanković. It's a shame that Finland got kicked out in the Semifinal. They had a perfect Eurovision-song. It's cheerful, a bit folk-like and sung in the language of the country. Estonia's entry was nothing like that but still I like it a lot. (If Matthew Bellamy of Muse and Crispian Mills of Kula Shaker had a son together he would look like Estonia's singer I guess.)

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