Saturday, 4 July 2009

Flower Garden

Last week I also made this very elaborate and hand-wrecking piece. (I couldn't hold a thing with my right hand for two days afterwards.)

Perhaps you remember the stencilled plate I made a year ago. I wanted to try this technique again ever since. As I'm a slow crafter and like to brood over an idea and go through the steps of the working process over and over again in theory until I'm confident enough that it might work out practically, it took until last week to try it again.

I carefully cut out the stencils (Some might look familiar to you from my felt flowers.) and prepared the slip less watery this time. It had a great consistency.

You can see the steps the dish went through in the next picture. It's good that I took photos because I wouldn't have retrieved all of the stencils from under the layer of slip without a picture to locate them. Digital photography came in very handy at this occasion.

After I removed the stencils I used my selfmade stamps to imprint patterns. On the following day these were accomplished by carved lines and finally I tried out the Sgraffito technique for the first time and carved through the layer of dark slip, so lines of the contrasting white clay show up. It was very laborious and time-consuming and I hope my dish will look good after firing!

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