Sunday, 23 November 2008

Secrets and Experiments

After almost two weeks of taking a break from clay I'm very busy at the moment making a secret surprise. I'm utterly excited about it as it is some sort of order and I hope I don't mess it up or don't get it finished in time! It's a lot of fun and an exercise in patience as well as for the muscles in my poor arms, which ache quite much.

This week I was struck with the idea of making an impression of the bisque fired carved flower bowl before I proceed with it. It can serve as a mould if it turns out alright.

After complaining about my stuff being art (and not necessarily functional) I thought I can get more experimental with the first of my textured dishes. Air bubbles got trapped in the indentations in the process of glazing and I just left it like this and added some glass beads. I'm very curious what it might look like when it's out of the kiln. Chances are that it's totally ugly. Well, we'll see...

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