Friday, 23 November 2007

My Week

My little plan failed. I wasn't able to do anything decent with my hands this week. My wrists just hurt like hell and my fingers are a bit swollen. Maybe I should plan to make some little things every second week rather than every other day, although I'm bursting with energy when it comes to new ideas. Today was the first day I touched polymer clay again but I was only able to make six beads. So I read some books instead. I loaned several books about art glass from the library because my visit in Glashütte and many, many pictures I found online roused my enthusiasm for this material again. We had a beautiful wall made of quite ordinary but nevertheless very fascinating glass bricks in kindergarten. I think of it all the time when I look at and drool over the pictured objects in the books.

At the beginning of the week I picked the last of my tomatoes. I grew them on my balcony. I had to move last year and since then I have a balcony and even better I have one that views southward. It would have been a waste not to try my gardening skills having such perfect conditions. I love tomatoes and I love peas - some of the most delicious things there are in my humble opinion. So I tried to grow them and surprisingly enough it worked. I sowed them myself. Eight tiny tomato seeds turned into a little jungle. I liked to watch them grow. I didn't do much else but giving them water and worry on hot and stormy days. Two of them grew as high as 250cm, so everything became a lot bigger than I thought. I had two different sorts of cherry tomatoes and one usual sort. They gave me plenty to eat in the past months and they even resisted the frosty nights we have now. But I had to harvest the last ones now, even though they're still green. This sounds like there were only a few left, but indeed I picked a batch of 242. My complete harvest from June till November has a total amount of 1340 tomatoes. I never expected that much!

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