Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Summer went by so fast

A few more harvest pictures:

This large dish is one of the things I made during summer.


Kačja pastirica said...

Vegetables look delicious and the plates are wonderful. Where did you learn pottery? I promised myself to take lessons of making the pottery.

Splinter said...

Thank you! I learned it and am still learnig in the pottery where I take my evening classes, but it is nothing like school. We're free to make whatever we want under the guidance of a master potter. So it might be best to watch out for a potter in your area who gives lessons.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jana,

Are you still making pottery? Your blog ended in Oct 2010 and I was wondering how you are doing.

It was very nice seeing your plants, vegetables and reading about caning and pottery.

I hope to see you back online soon.

Splinter said...

Hello anonymous reader,

It's very nice to know that there are people out there who enjoyed my blog! Two years ago I had a really bad time which led to the neglect of my blog. I'm still making pottery and I found out I keep doing it without blogging about it. Sometimes I think I should start blogging again but at the moment I can't promise that it will happen soon.

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