Sunday, 10 January 2010


It's snowing and snowing and snowing this weekend. It's glorious winter weather but I stayed inside and didn't want to go out of bed because it's so snug and cosy in there. I didn't feel like reading but it felt just right to try some handicraft. I have a book that explains how to crochet and it was badly needed as I had forgotten all about it. I crocheted quite a lot in my childhood but that was in the eighties of the last century and I haven't done it since.

First I wanted just to try if I still can do it and if my wrists can stand it and I simply worked some rows back and forth. I knew, in the past I had problems to make all the rows of the same length and it seems I got it now. Once I had worked this far I didn't want to unravel my work and so at the end of this comfortable weekend I have a new pot cloth (and cramped hands)! There are some flaws in it but I'm pretty satisfied with the first piece I made in decades!

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