Sunday, 15 November 2009

Experimental Again

I don't feel very much like writing at the moment but I'm still crafting! (The wet and grey and sometimes very chilly autumn weather of the past weeks gives me some additional pain that makes it quite hard sometimes.)

As I have the habit to try some experimental stuff every now and then, I made a little dish.

On the inside I tested new glass, that actually is rather old. My potter found it when she was tidying up some shelves. It's a big jar full of finely grained yellow glass, that someone gave her many years ago and that she never used. It was waiting for me, I like to think!

As yellows are prone to burn away during firing I expected a big mess but I was surprised by some unexpected effects. It must have some really good flux in it, it melted so well and with only a few cracks and no burning. This stuff is of high quality! The dish now looks like it's filled with honey.

On the outside I tried some glaze carving. I have seen amazing results of this technique at pottery fairs and had to try if it works with the white glaze we use. The pattern held its shape perfectly. I see many possibilities ahead!

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