Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Glowing Windows

I hope to get rid of my dull fatigue now that the days slowly are getting longer again as winter solstice is behind us in the northern hemisphere. I need more light! I want to come out of hibernation. The sun was out today and yesterday after a long row of unpleasant grey and dark days and I squeezed in some crafty tasks by making some Christmas greeting cards and wrapping presents. (Does this count? I think so.) There isn't much happening at the moment on the muddy side of life but I'm also terribly behind with posting photos of my finished pieces.


Here is my tea light house in an attempt to arouse some Christmas feelings (which I lack completely so far). I'm pretty satisfied with the house, but it wasn't a good idea to leave off the chimney I originally wanted to add. The roof gets quite hot very fast and may even crack. I recommend to everyone who intends to build something that should hold a candle inside to make holes at the top.


Merry Christmas, my dear readers, and to everyone who doesn't celebrate it (and is lucky to avoid the madness) have a great time too!

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